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Body Contouring

Physique Contouring

Physique Contouring combines Western anti-aging body shaping technology with the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. It utilizes three rare and precious ingredients - crocodile oil, horse fat, and collagen - as its main components. Alongside, it integrates the advanced technology of thermal magnetic energy anti-aging devices for body sculpting. This perfect combination magically restores an aging body to a youthful state. It effectively targets deep-seated muscle knots that hinder blood circulation, causing localized obesity. The treatment disperses these knots, warms the meridians, activates the collaterals, and corrects body shape - all contributing to a 360° creation of a perfect swan neck, sculpted shoulders, an A4 waist, perky buttocks, sexy legs, and a beautiful back. It sculpts the body externally while promoting internal health! Noticeable results can be seen after just one session, with before-and-after photos to prove the transformative experience.


-Comprehensive body shaping.
-Anti-aging effects.
-Improved blood circulation.
-Utilization of natural ingredients.
-Technology-enhanced results.



trail price: $62/session

$1580/15 sessions

$2880/30 sessions


Based on 6 reviews

  • Harlian


    Slim Herbal Med Spa is all about holistic wellness. Their signature herbal slimming treatment is amazing and the staff are incredibly knowledgeable about herbal therapies. A five-star experience!

  • Alian


    Impressed by the professionalism at Slim Herbal Med Spa. The aromatherapy using herbal extracts was heavenly. Just wish the relaxation area was a bit more spacious.

  • Alice


    Slim Herbal Med Spa offers a fantastic facial experience! I had the herbal brightening facial, and it exceeded my expectations. The therapist used a range of herbal extracts that felt soothing and smelled amazing. Not only was the facial relaxing, but it also left my skin looking radiant and clear. The attention to detail and the serene environment added to the overall luxurious feel. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a top-notch facial treatment.

  • Rick


    I tried the herbal hydration facial at Slim Herbal Med Spa, and it was a delightful experience. The staff were incredibly welcoming and the spa's ambiance was calming. The facial itself was gentle yet effective, using a variety of fresh, aromatic herbs. My skin felt deeply moisturized and refreshed after the treatment. A great place for anyone looking to pamper their skin with natural products.

  • Linda


    Slim Herbal Med Spa is a sanctuary of tranquility! Their herbal treatments are not only refreshing but also incredibly effective. I felt rejuvenated after the detoxifying herbal wrap. Highly recommended for anyone looking to unwind.

  • Eily


    An absolute gem! Slim Herbal Med Spa offers a unique blend of traditional and modern treatments. The herbal steam therapy is a must-try. It's my go-to spot for de-stressing after a hectic week.

  • Jane


    The facial treatment at Slim Herbal Med Spa was nothing short of miraculous! I opted for the herbal anti-aging facial, and it was an exquisite experience. The blend of natural herbs they used left my skin glowing and feeling years younger. The esthetician was extremely skilled and made sure I was comfortable throughout. I'm already looking forward to my next appointment!