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Contracted Weight Loss

Slim Herbal Weight Loss is a global chained facility, specialized in weight reduction, body contouring, beauty and health. We help customers lose weight and reach their target goal. We are confident about our weight loss approach and our customers are eligible to receive a refund if they did not reach their goal by target date. We use herb navel fumigation and pressure point massage to stimulate your body to absorb herb essence through microcirculation. This will promote fat burn, eliminate body waste, control your appetite and ultimately weight loss. This revolutionary method of weight loss does not require fasting, surgical intervention and medication.

LOSE WEIGHT + MAINTENANCE = NO WEIGHT REBOUND. Upon completion of the weight reduction program, in order to maintain the desired weight, a maintenance course is needed to avoid weight rebound. We offer a lifetime weight monitoring to put an end to weight rebound.

Slim Herbal Weight Loss also provides nonsurgical body contouring service which will target fat reduction, restore firmness to skin, reduce visibility of cellulite, and eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. Beyond weight loss and body contouring, Slim Herbal also offers wellness treatment and beauty service such as Lymphatic drainage and firming & lifting facial.